About AfghanMusik

First of all, we gratitude to almighty Allah who blessed us and we managed to make this website happen. AfghanMusik.com was established in Kabul, Afghanistan on December 22nd 2003.

AfghanMusik.com started from a shared hosting account with only a 30 songs. Since then AfghanMusik.com has managed to grow tremendously, within few months AfghanMusik.com started to get 1000's of hits everyday, which was impossible for a shared hosting account to manage, in Mid 2004 we were able to get the first dedicated server from a company which we worked with. Early 2005 was unbelievable for us, the website started getting huge traffic, millions of people started visiting the website. From 2005 onwards AfghanMusik.com had 1000's visitors every hour with millions of downloads.

AfghanMusik.com major objective is to provide for the people of Afghanistan a medium where Afghans can interact and communicate with one another and keep up to date with the latest Afghan music, happenings, and the information which are truly inspired about the beautiful Afghan music, So not only Afghans but other people from around the world could have the unexplored information about our music.

We have included textual information about Afghan singers & albums which are being supported by enrich visuals, animations and pictures to reflect the potential diversities of our music.

Any internet surfer visiting AfghanMusik.com will have the opportunity to have the vast information about Afghan music, full-fledged information about the latest events and much more stuff about Afghan music.

Today, we have tried our best on making AfghanMusik.com in a best way, however making everything more needs to be done and we will try to evolve the website up to date to include many more features in the prospective, so far the website has been ranked among the top Afghan websites on the net, but AfghanMusik.com is not the type to take it's success for granted. We are constantly working hard to keep AfghanMusik.com as the afghans best choice on the web. That's why we have always been exploring new options to constantly improve AfghanMusik.com and help make the website user experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

We believe the power of advertising on the Internet enables companies and individuals to introduce their business in a much more affordable way in comparison with the traditional approaches. We also believe that the Internet will be the catalyst that will bring businesses and people of different nationalities and backgrounds closer together. Please contact us for more information if you want to advertise in the website.

We invite you to browse through AfghanMusik.com website and become more familiar with the vast Afghan music and its friendly (lovely) people.

For more information please visit the websites at:
http://www.afghanmusik.com & http://www.afghanmusik.tv

AfghanMusik Team

  1. - Qais - USA

  2. - Enayat Hashemi - Denmark

  3. - Sear Noomani - Netherlands

  4. - Marwa Fazel - Germany

  5. - Mansoor Ahmadi- Australia

  6. - Frishta - USA

  7. - Noor - Canada