Afghanistan needs your help, on the 21st of June 2022, a powerful 5.9 magnitude earthquake caused significant damage in Afghanistan taking the lives of at least 1000 individuals and injuring over 1600 people. It has simply torn Afghanistan and its people. Those affected by this disaster need immediate access to medical facilities, and emergency supplies such as food, water, and medicine in addition to longer-term recovery assistance. They also need supplies to rebuild housing and shelter and to re-establish their lives. All donations to this fund will exclusively support the local victims to assist with relief and recovery from this earthquake in Afghanistan.

This donation is initiated by our national star RASHID KHAN, please try to contribute. Every penny counts.

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1.Maaldaar Dokhtar - AfghanMusik.Com
Hosham Rabi - AfghanMusik.Com - Mix Songs
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2.Dukhtar-e Kabul - AfghanMusik.Com
Hosham Rabi - AfghanMusik.Com - Dukhar-e Kabul - AfghanMusik.Com
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3.Hosham Rabi - Bawar Bekun - AfghanMusik.Com
Hosham Rabi - AfghanMusik.Com - New 2012 - AfghanMusik.Com
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4.Tore Stregi Khumari (pashto) - AfghanMusik.Com
Ustad Nashenas & Hosham Rabi - AfghanMusik.Com - Single Releases - AfghanMusik.Com
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